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Basket strainers manufacturers in jordon
Basket strainers manufacturers in jordon
Design Features:
1) Basket strainer is used where straining & filtering of a wide variety of fluids, to retain solids of almost any size. All baskets are easily removable & cleanable. The strainer cover is held down by a clamping yoke which is sturdy enough to hold full line pressure and yet, which can be quickly loosened or tightened by hand. Bolted covers are also furnished with basket strainers and they cost less than yoke covers. Basket size can be tailored to hold sufficient solids for the required time between cleanouts. VTS Basket Strainer is fabricated to your specification. Optional materials, end connections and accessories are available.
2) Strainer body meets ASME B16.5
3) 304 SS or 316 SS mesh screens are standard. Perforated plate screens are optional.
4) Drain/Blow-off connection furnished with plug as standard.
5) Generous screen area and properly proportioned straining chamber to minimize initial pressure drop while maximizing time between cleanings.
6) Compact end to end dimension.
  • Manufacturing Size Range
  • Pressure Rating of Strainer
  • End Connection

1/2" (15NB)upto24" (600NB)
Larger sizes will be fabricated upon request.


Flanged End to ANSI B16.5
BS10 Table D/E/F/H
Butt Weld End to ANSI B16.25
DIN Standard / JIS Standard / IS Standard
Screwed-Threaded End to ANSI B1.20.l
Socket Weld End to ANSI B16.11
Butt Weld End to ANSI B16.25

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