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Suction diffusers strainers manufacturers in jordon
Suction diffusers strainers manufacturers in jordon
Design Features:
Duplex Strainers Manufacturers in Chennai & India, The duplex strainer features four butterfly valves for positive shutoff of one body while the other body continues to filter your flow of liquids. The butterfly valves can be independently operated or can be lined and synchronized using one gear operator to rotate all at the same time. The baskets have a large capacity, which allows longer periods of time between cleanings. The single basket design is easily and quickly cleaned. Standard basket material is stainless steel with special materials available on application.

1. Position strainer to match flanged connections.
2. When alignment is correct (inlet and outlet headers), flanges can be bolted when appropriate gaskets are placed between the flanges.
3. When the unit is bolted to the pipes, supports to the strainer should be bolted to the floor.

1. Strainer should be filled with fluid slowly, while venting the air. 2. When the strainer is filled, vents should be closed. Both chambers need to be filled. 3. Rotate hand wheel to the stop. This will permit the inflow to enter only one side leaving the other basket clean and ready to handle the flow should the basket straining become clogged. 4. To change over to the clean basket, rotate the hand wheel in the opposite direction until the stop is contacted. 5. If used, pressure gauges indicate pressure loss. When differential reaches 10 PSI, change to the clean side. 6. When the dirty side basket needs to be removed, the following steps need to be observed

1. Keep basket screens clean for best performance.
2. Maintain extra gaskets for blind covers and O-rings for quick open covers.
3. A spare basket screen allows for shorter downtime in production

Service Recommendation:
The Duplex strainer is designed for use in fluid handling systems where the flow cannot be shut off for basket cleaning.

Manufacturing Size Range:
1/2" (15NB) up to 24" (600NB)

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